Horizons VR is a series of interactive musical journeys for Google Daydream.

Every scene in the app is a completely unique audiovisual experience, each exploring different ways of interacting with the music and visuals in levels of detail that can only be achieved through virtual reality.

So far, the app features two scenes Reach featuring the music of Reuben Cainer, and Empyrean featuring music from My Panda Shall Fly. Reach has you tilting and touching the Daydream controller to add sonic and visual effects, and constantly building tension in the music to progress the track to the next section, whereas Empyrean is more relaxing and explorative, guiding you to slowly illuminate a psychedelic forest with musical phrases.

More scenes will be added to this platform as time goes on. If you’re interested in creating a VR music experience of this kind, do get in touch

The app is currently available for Google Daydream on the Play Store.