I’m Aware is a generative RjDj scene for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is part of the 3 scene suite that Reactify Music produced for Clinic and has been released in conjunction with their latest studio album, Bubblegum. The concept behind this scene was that of having a different and original path through the music every time
it is listened to. So, the song might start with just strings and drums; backing vocals and guitars; or maybe just bass, and as the song gradually progresses through the different sections with varying instrumentations, the listener experiences a different arrangement every time. The user can also affect the music in their own way by touching the screen to activate a phasing effect, reminiscent of the sound of two analog tape reels slowly going out of sync.
I’m Aware, with it’s mellow guitar and string parts, provides the perfect musical material to do use this technique of generative arrangement. The idea that a piece of music that re-arranges itself dynamically is a core foundation of generative music, this scene shows that it can work just as well with guitar based music as it does with ambient or electronic genres.

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